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Re: XULRunner - will be or won't be?

Rahul Sundaram wrote:
Christopher Aillon wrote:
Rahul Sundaram wrote:
This is not a big enough change to warrant that IMO though. It won't be any more newsworthy than any other firefox release. It will be done sooner rather than later. Probably by next week, although having to send my status updates on a tiny project like this isn't helping me get it done faster.

This goes to the heart of the problem. You don't consider the changes important but it is. Firefox related changes are BIG news.

Please stop misinterpreting things. I never said it was not important. I am saying that it is not any more important than going from to It will require an equivalent amount of work: this is essentially just a version upgrade.

This is amply different from being merely a version upgrade. That should be evident by the amount of discussions within Fedora and in Mozilla.

  People will always find something to complain about
but I'm glad that I was at least able to help fulfill your wiki page writing desires.

There will be always people critical of our work but that in many cases helps us understand the things we need to change. No thanks to you for demotivating sarcasm on efforts that were taken in part from helping you avoid answering repetitive questions but let me clarify that I have no inherent desires to write wiki pages.

So fine. You win. Please put up a wiki page that says that XULRunner will be included in the next week or so.

It was never about me winning. It was about having a planned and transparent feature list.


This has been renamed to FeatureXULRunner for consistency.


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