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Re: RFE: Use generic names in packages

Christopher Aillon wrote:
Rahul Sundaram wrote:
Right but Fedora directory server isn't really Fedora specific. I can very well run it under any distribution.

And is it so bad that people see the name Fedora? I for one would love to see its brand grow.

It's fine where it does not present any problems but it can. Think about Fedora trademarks for example.

If I patch Fedora Directory Server can I call it by that name anymore? We consolidated our branding even in RHEL where some of requests or patches came in from rebuilders like CentOS.

Do you know that we get mails from confused users who mail us about their Apache problems because of the Fedora branding in the default Apache page or the amount of support calls in RHEL on the same topic? These cost us time, effort and money.

In the case of README files there is genuine advantages to have generic names. You have less changes to take care off when you branch off to RHEL, EPEL or OLPC. Maybe other distributions can be encouraged to use README.distribution too.


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