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Re: Doing away with 'groups' repo in mock

Le Ven 29 juin 2007 14:23, Jesse Keating a écrit :
> On Friday 29 June 2007 03:34:47 Nicolas Mailhot wrote:
>> Can we have *one* package in the distro ship what a comps file is
>> supposed to look like at any time  (in DTD/xml-schema/relax-ng)?
>> Pretty please? With comments about what each part does even?
>> Makes it so much easier to identify where's the problem when a comps
>> makes apps fail.
> Care to create one?

I wouldn't ask for one if I knew exactly what each comps tag is
supposed to mean. notting stealthily dumped a comps dtd in our cvs so
I suppose it's "official" and could be bundled with rpm/yum (or
whatever package is supposed to own the comps format). It's not as
nice as a modern annotated xml/relax-ng schema but it's a beginning.

> We could drop it in as a %doc or example somewhere.

I'd rather it was registered properly in the system xml catalogs so
xml tools (vim/emacs/libxml...) just know the comps structure.

Nicolas Mailhot

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