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Re: Doing away with 'groups' repo in mock

Le Ven 29 juin 2007 15:18, Jesse Keating a écrit :
> On Friday 29 June 2007 08:47:56 Nicolas Mailhot wrote:
>> I wouldn't ask for one if I knew exactly what each comps tag is
>> supposed to mean. notting stealthily dumped a comps dtd in our cvs
>> so
>> I suppose it's "official" and could be bundled with rpm/yum (or
>> whatever package is supposed to own the comps format). It's not as
>> nice as a modern annotated xml/relax-ng schema but it's a beginning.
>> > We could drop it in as a %doc or example somewhere.
>> I'd rather it was registered properly in the system xml catalogs so
>> xml tools (vim/emacs/libxml...) just know the comps structure.
> Again, I'm XML ignorant so all these words... mean not much to me.

Just means you decide one package is the owner of the comps format,
and have it drop a format definition in /usr/share/xml (in
DTD/XML-schema/relax-ng format, probably DTD since notting put a dtd
in cvs), and you use the xml tools to register this format definition
file in /etc/xml/catalog.xml (like the docbook schema package does)

And then suddenly all the well-behaved XML distro tools know how a
comps file is supposed to be structured and can flag errors.

(though you'd probably need one schema for comps.xml and another for
comps.xml.in since they do not use the same tag names)

Nicolas Mailhot

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