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Re: koji.fedoraproject.org Unplanned outage | 6/28/07 - 6:00PM EDT

On Friday 29 June 2007 10:30 am, Matej Cepl wrote:
> What local time? Why should EDT matter to me or other people living
> somewhere else than on the eastern shore of the United States (and maybe
> in Brazil, I am not sure)?
> Matěj

because not everybody knows what UTC/GMT is, and using it alone will just 
cause further confusion.. if, however, one can see that UTC is a few hours 
off of US/Eastern, things might go better. :)

at the moment it sounds like the outage notification is being generated by 
hand, so listing the two different time zones will take a little extra work.. 
however, if the process is automated, it will be trivial to make a call 
to "gmtime()" as well as "localtime()".

please.. if this issue causes the notifications to *not* be sent, leave it the 
way it is.. I'd rather get the notifications and have to do math to convert 
to my local time than not get them at all because there is no agreement on 
which time zone(s) should be used.

Jeff MacDonald, 
Zoid Technologies <http://zoidtechnologies.com/>
"Web Applications That Suck Less"

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