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Re: koji.fedoraproject.org Unplanned outage | 6/28/07 - 6:00PM EDT

On Fr Juni 29 2007, Jeff MacDonald wrote:

> because not everybody knows what UTC/GMT is, and using it alone will just
> cause further confusion.. if, however, one can see that UTC is a few hours
> off of US/Eastern, things might go better. :)

I do not know, what EDT is, either. But I know the offset of my local time to 

> at the moment it sounds like the outage notification is being generated by
> hand, so listing the two different time zones will take a little extra
> work.. however, if the process is automated, it will be trivial to make a

Maybe it is enough to mention the offset of EDT to UTC, so everyone in EDT can 
see what he has to calculate.

> please.. if this issue causes the notifications to *not* be sent, leave it
> the way it is.. I'd rather get the notifications and have to do math to
> convert to my local time than not get them at all because there is no
> agreement on which time zone(s) should be used.

Even with UTC I still have to convert the time to CEST, but UTC is imho a fair 
common timezone.


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