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Re: koji.fedoraproject.org Unplanned outage | 6/28/07 - 6:00PM EDT

On Friday 29 June 2007 11:16 am, Christopher Aillon wrote:
> Not all Americans are Fedora packagers.  I'd say the types of people
> that package for a Linux distribution would be more likely to know what
> it is.  Or would at least know to google for it.  :-)

ok.. the issue here is to save time/effort. I get several hundred non-junk 
emails during the work week. if I have to do a google search or open a 
terminal to figure out if an outage affected me or not, I might just skip it 
or get the conversion wrong.

if the notifications are not automated, then by no means should an 
engineer/packager/whatnot be expected to list UTC *and* a local time zone. 

let's keep it at UTC for now, and *please* use the ISO date format per the 

hey.. at least notifications are being sent out. :)

Jeff MacDonald, 
Zoid Technologies <http://zoidtechnologies.com/>
"Web Applications That Suck Less"

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