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Re: Compiz Fusion?

On 6/29/07, Jarod Wilson <jwilson redhat com> wrote:
Deependra Singh Shekhawat wrote:
> I am not sure about rawhide but it has a private repo as if now for
> Fedora7. http://blog.kagesenshi.org for more info.

A few of us (the current beryl maintainers, compiz maintainers and the
individual responsible for the above packages) just started discussing
the path forward earlier this week.

Hi there, I'm the person responsible for those packages ( I have
plenty of aliases :P ) .. the packages are still not good imo ..

compiz fusion introduced lots of changes in the core compiz packages
and some stuff, like desktop-effects, simply breaks ..

these are several issues that I believe need to be resolved .. and I
need ur opinion about them ..

- desktop-effects menu does not JustWork(tm) ..
- which configuration plugin to use? gconf or ccp? the previous compiz
uses gconf .. if we are going to use ccp, desktop-effects needs a
rewrite ..
- the default installation provides several plugins that might pull
more dependencies eg: fuse. to_split or not to_split

I just built today git checkout and they are available here


feel free to play around with them ..

about desktop-effects .. for systems with AIGLX, an environment var
need to be exported before launching it to make it work


Mohd Izhar Firdaus Bin Ismail
Amano Hikaru
天野晃 「あまの ひかる」
mohd izhar firdaus gmail com
kagesenshi 87 gmail com
Blog: http://kagesenshi.blogspot.com

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