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Re: Compiz Fusion?

On 6/30/07, Hikaru Amano <kagesenshi 87 gmail com> wrote:
On 6/29/07, Jarod Wilson <jwilson redhat com> wrote:
> Deependra Singh Shekhawat wrote:
> > I am not sure about rawhide but it has a private repo as if now for
> > Fedora7. http://blog.kagesenshi.org for more info.
> A few of us (the current beryl maintainers, compiz maintainers and the
> individual responsible for the above packages) just started discussing
> the path forward earlier this week.

Hi there, I'm the person responsible for those packages ( I have
plenty of aliases :P ) .. the packages are still not good imo ..

compiz fusion introduced lots of changes in the core compiz packages
and some stuff, like desktop-effects, simply breaks ..
these are several issues that I believe need to be resolved .. and I
need ur opinion about them ..

- desktop-effects menu does not JustWork(tm) ..
- which configuration plugin to use? gconf or ccp? the previous compiz
uses gconf .. if we are going to use ccp, desktop-effects needs a
rewrite ..

I think ccp  would be better, it also have a gconf-backend.
about desktop-effects:
there is not much that need to be changed there...
if we decide on what to use I can provide patches if needed ;)

- the default installation provides several plugins that might pull
more dependencies eg: fuse. to_split or not to_split

do you have a list of this deps?
we could split it into compiz-fusion-plugins and compiz-fusion-plugins-extras

I just built today git checkout and they are available here


feel free to play around with them ..

thx, will look at them

about desktop-effects .. for systems with AIGLX, an environment var
need to be exported before launching it to make it work


this should then be added to gnome-wm to because on login desktop-effects is not inolved.

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