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Re: RFE: Use generic names in packages

Till Maas wrote:
On So Juli 1 2007, Rahul Sundaram wrote:

EPEL isn't targeted for Fedora. I did refer to the discussion. Think
about this from the end user perspective rather than from the project

Where does a user not see Fedora when he looks at EPEL? Bugs go to the "Fedora EPEL" Product on Bugzilla, all documentation is found at http://FEDORAproject.org/wiki/EPEL and repoview at http://redhat.download.FEDORAproject.org/pub/epel/5/i386/repoview/ has the title "Fedora EPEL". So are you sure, that a lot of end users are confused by README.Fedora files?

In places where enterprise distributions are used there is typically a lot of end users running preconfigured locked down systems which might also have EPEL repository enabled. They wouldn't be reporting bugs or installing the repository themselves. I can't really be sure about anyone getting confused at all. I have no interest in discussing this further. It's upto to FESCo to make a decision.


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