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Re: ANNOUNCE: bittorrent downgrade

Dennis Gilmore wrote:
Once upon a time Thursday 01 March 2007, Paul Howarth wrote:
The bittorrent (and bittorrent-gui) package has been downgraded in the
Extras development repo from version 5.0.5 to 4.4.0, due to
compatibility problems between the GUI and wxPython 2.8.x
(http://bugzilla.redhat.com/223623). Since bittorrent upstream is still
doing development on wxPython 2.6, there is little prospect of a fix for
this before FC7 release, so the package has been downgraded to the last
version that had a working (pygtk2-based) GUI.

Why don't you add a compat-wxPython 2.6 if it works with that?

The wxPython maintainer didn't think that a compat-wxPython26 package was a particularly good idea, and would prefer to try to get the wxPython 2.8 issues resolved instead:



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