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Re: Plans for the (La)TeX stack for F7?

Jonathan Underwood wrote:

> On 01/03/07, Jonathan Underwood <jonathan underwood gmail com> wrote:
>> I notice that Jindrich Novy (tetex packages maintainer) is away until
>> 27th March. Jindrich had previously mentioned his intention to move to
>> TeXLive for F7, due to tetex being unmaintained and quite out of date.
>> Is this still the intention? It would be useful to know from both a
>> user and packager perspective if there's any kind of roadmap in place
>> for this?
> Actually, I notice Jindrich has filed review request bugs for texlive
> packages - BZ 229180 and 229182, and this wiki page details his plans
> etc:
> http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Releases/FeatureTexLive

I'm playing around with trying to build/install these packages on fc6.

I wonder if the texlive packages should provide the corresponding tetex
packages?  Otherwise, it seems that a lot of packages that require TeX are
going to break.

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