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Re: Installation order of basesystem, filesystem and setup.

Jesse Keating wrote:
On Friday 02 March 2007 11:06:27 Michael Schroeder wrote:
Not true, rpm uses requires and prereqs for ordering purposes.

Ok, let me clarify. A plain Requires: doesn't guarantee that the Required package will be installed before the package Requiring it. It just means it either needs to be there before hand, or in the same transaction. Things like %post/%pre requires and PreReq help rpm in ordering the transaction to make sure the the things that are needed at install time are actually there, vs things needed at runtime.

Well, current rpm code as it is still honors this, Jesse, and i think thats what Michael just wanted to point out.

Simple Require chains will get ordered properly today in rpm and should in any future version of it too (Although stricktly speak you're of course right. Only any pre requires need to be absolutely followed as otherwise during installation things will go badly wrong).

I don't wanna beat a dead horse here and i'm certainly not biased to any form of proper order we're installing basesystem, filesystem and setup here. I was just surprised that the Requires were setup in like this between the those packages in that order (as was the package reviewer of basesystem) with a description like that in basesystem. I'd wouldn't have any problems dropping basesystem and just keeping filesystem and setup either. Or just leave it everything as it is.

I just wanted to bring this up during the review of basesystem as both my reviewer and myself found it a little wierd that "first package installed on a system" actually could never be the first package actively installed.

Final option ofc would be to just change the description ofc (doh!) and be done with it.


Basesystem defines the components of a basic Fedora system (for
example, the package installation order to use during bootstrapping).
Basesystem should be in every installation of a system, and it
should never be removed.

How's that?

Read ya, Phil

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