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Re: mac80211 and iwlwifi (was Re: d80211 and iwlwifi)

Tom London wrote:

Does not work for me on Thinkpad X60 using 'stock Rawhide' NetworkManager.

Association fails both with WEP and 'no key'.

It's just like old times... NetworkManager destroys the possibility to connect. If you service NetworkManager stop it and restart wpa_supplicant by hand, here at least it works. I had it turned off anyway.

But there is another bug in mac80211 or iwlwifi... when iwlwifi registers its capabilities with mac80211, the order matters. As it stands, iwlwifi will only connect at 802.11b speeds, ie, 11Mbps. If you swap the order of the registration:

diff -urN iwlwifi-0.0.8-orig/compatible/base.c iwlwifi-0.0.8/compatible/base.c
--- iwlwifi-0.0.8-orig/compatible/base.c	2007-02-25 17:56:44.000000000 +0000
+++ iwlwifi-0.0.8/compatible/base.c	2007-02-25 09:33:43.000000000 +0000
@@ -4560,10 +4561,10 @@

 	if (modes[A].num_channels)
 		ieee80211_register_hwmode(priv->ieee, &modes[A]);
+ if (modes[G].num_channels) // andy warmcat com swapped registration order of b and g
+		ieee80211_register_hwmode(priv->ieee, &modes[G]);
 	if (modes[B].num_channels)
 		ieee80211_register_hwmode(priv->ieee, &modes[B]);
-	if (modes[G].num_channels)
-		ieee80211_register_hwmode(priv->ieee, &modes[G]);

 	priv->status |= STATUS_GEO_CONFIGURED;

then you get 11g speeds.


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