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What applications do people use?

Those who were at the Mugshot presentation at Fudcon may remember the
mockups we presented around browsing applications based on popularity.
You can now find an initial implementation at:

While we don't have much data yet, you can already see some interesting

If you're interested, sign up for Mugshot and add your own statistics.
Once you activate your account, you'll need to enable statistics
tracking from your account page or from the applications page. (You
may also want to join the Mugshot Fedora group

What other information would you like to see there as a Fedora package
maintainer? Do you see something built on this as useful for Fedora
users? Let us know.

If you want discuss the details of how this works or get involved in the
development, the mugshot mailing list
(http://groups.google.com/group/mugshot) is the best forum.

                                        - Owen

PS. A few caveats to keep in mind when browsing the data:

 - It's still a very small amount of data; this is about 80 people
   contributing statistics over 4 days.

 - Various applications are missing because they have unusual 
   WM class names; in particular most gtk# applications are not
   getting properly matched. I'll be fixing these cases up as
   I find them.

 - Because of some bugs I didn't find until today, applications 
   used by KDE users are under-represented. (Application data
   uploads with konsole in them triggered an exception)
 - I've started some work at allowing editing the data through
   the web interface, but for now, all the editing is with the
   command line tools I used to build the initial contents based
   on Fedora RPMS and is admin-only.

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