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Re: X server memory leak ? (Re: Announcing Fedora 7 Test 2 (6.91))

Tomasz Kłoczko wrote:
Dnia 04-03-2007, nie o godzinie 18:58 -0600, Callum Lerwick napisał(a):
Also irritating is millions of javascripts and flash adverts and
animated gifs eating up assloads of CPU in tabs that aren't even

But are you talking about refreshing pages ?
In my case problematic refreshing pages contains png but seems it
doesn't matter it is png or gif of jpeg files and I can reproduce this
also on by hand reloaded page. I can reproduce this also on opened png
file in firefox/galeon by refreshing this using ctrl-r.
I'm save single png file from zabbix map page (~40KB 1000x1000 png
file), generate copy of this file in jpeg and gif and open this files in
separated tabs (png, jpeg and gif).
Each time ctrl-r press on each tab causes in my case eats next chunk of
memory by X server.

Before refresh:
PID USER PR NI VIRT RES SHR S %CPU %MEM TIME+ COMMAND 3253 root 16 0 1480m 845m 8148 S 12 42.0 787:18.00 Xorg
After five time ctrl-r:
 3253 root      15   0 1480m 864m 8148 R    8 42.9 787:30.59
RES groves ~19MB. This png file have 1000x1000 pixels and X display
depth is 24bpp. 1000x1000x3 = ~3MB .. so looks like buffer for keep this
previous version of this files was not released.

Can you check this on your system using above scenario ?
Try to open gif/png file which will take big amount of memory in
uncompressed form (1MB or more).

And when you close the web browser what happens?  Chances are that the
web browser is leaking pixmaps.  That's something not uncommon.

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