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Re: VNC development plan - discuss

On 3/6/07, Mark McLoughlin <markmc redhat com> wrote:
        You should try doing some research.

Speaking of vino,
when you have vino active and you are logged in remotely, the local
console display is also active, at least through fc6. Is this a
designed feature, or is this a current codebase limitation?

I have situations where I would very much like to login on a local
display set some things up, lock the screen, and then log back in
remotely to it over vnc without the local display becoming active and
accepting keyboard/mouse inputs.  Right now on fc6, vino doesn't
provide this sort of experience as an option, and I'm falling back to
using a standard Xvnc controlled desktop, dealing with the hardware
specific permissions issues which result as needed.

Using vino, I've experieced real problems with people who when walking
by my office or using the phone in my office have seen the display
active, thought it was some sort of virus and started interacting with
the local input in an effort to 'help me.'  Resulting in real
data-loss.  They do it primarily because they are use to the behavior
of rdp sessions which active the local screensaver when the remote
session is connected.

I realize there are other usage cases for a vino based remote service.
I'm sure some cases you want active remote collaborators who you can
interact, but in my own experience I need to remote in while keeping
the local display locked far more than I need to have a remote/local
tug of war over the mouse and keyboard.


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