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Re: VNC development plan - discuss

On 3/6/07, Till Maas <opensource till name> wrote:
Maybe you can use nomachine (nx) for this. But I do not know which components
of this are freely available right now.

In the context of a discussion in this list... I can't... because its
a technology that does not exist yet in the Fedora project's
repository space afaik.  And even if it did, the question remains...
is what I am currently seeing in vino a design decision or just a
limitation of the current codebase which could be resolved at the
expense of paying for the Cortisone shot to alleviate the symptoms of
tendinitis caused coding up the bits for vino.

Let's be clear, I don't care what the underlying protocal is. I'm
interested in making sure whatever the default well-integrated desktop
solution which bills itself as THE remote desktop solution is
operating intuitively and provides looked-for functionality that less
technical users expect to see in a remote desktop technology.

This is primarily my attempt at politely asking the people who want to
champion vino as deeply UI integrated default solution for remote
desktop... to review the intuitiveness of an aspect of its
functionality.  I have a specifc usage case, I want to use the deeply
UI integrated solution that I have identified from the available
default information that seems to fit best, but it doesn't work like
the average non-geek users in my workplace expect it to work. This is
not a fantasy thought-experiment. This is a real problem that I have
encountered with co-workers, grounded in the expectations borne from
previously nearly exclusive use of remote desktop communications on
Windows XP systems. Is there another comparably integrated UI solution
for the default Gnome desktop inside Fedora right now that does what I
have described in terms of keeping the local display screen locked
that I am not aware of?  Or is this a usage case that vino can work
towards?  Or is this usage case outside the bounds of the remote
desktop concepts that vino is suppose to be targetting?  Because if
I'm told it's out of bounds for the functionality that vino is suppose
to be providing, I'm going to be forced to have a public discussion
contrasting how vino operates when compared to a certain non-vnc based
protocal that is native on a different operating system. I do not want
to have that discussion.

-jef"...I'd threaten to leave Fedora if this isn't fixed like I want
it,, but my wife is making me a hand knitted fedora-logo'd hat...and
she'd pretty much kill me for wasting her time by refusing to wear

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