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Re: Regression in importing Word document

2007/3/5, Manuel Wolfshant <wolfy nobugconsulting ro>:
Michel Salim wrote:
> 2007/3/4, Hikaru Amano <kagesenshi 87 gmail com>:
>>  On 3/3/07, Michel Salim <michel salim gmail com> wrote:
>> > This following Word document:
>> http://hircus.org/fedora/word-bug/CDF-Flyer.doc
>>  > reliably crashes Abiword and OpenOffice in Rawhide on my x86_64
>>  > machine. Could someone take a look and see if it crashes on
>>  > Rawhide/i386 and FC6/any ?
>> Opens fine on rawhide
> So it's probably x86_64 specific (I've modified the bug to be
> x86_64-only). OO.o didn't have a x86_64 release until version 2.1, I
> think, so there's probably some bugs still.
> Thanks,
Works fine for me in FC6/openoffice.org-core-2.0.4-5.5.10.x86_64

The bug disappeared with 2.2.0-9.2.x86_64, actually, but thanks!

Michel Salim

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