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Re: Frozen feature list for FC7

On Tue, 2007-03-06 at 20:08 -0500, Warren Togami wrote:
> Features have not historically been tracked formally in Fedora. 
> Features just would sort of land if they were completed before freeze 
> dates.  I suppose we could improve this in the future, but is the Wiki 
> really the best way to represent this?

Hence the 'fedora_requires_release_note' Bugzilla flag? :)

Is there a formal policy for that like there is for the fedora-cvs one?
If not, then we could simply request that flag ('?') and add a note to
the package's review request (or another resolved RFE bug) stating the
cool new significant feature that has been added/changes. Then perhaps
this can go to the fedora-docs list and someone can approve ('+') the
flag when this is added or deny it ('-') with a brief explanation as to
the reasoning for its denial.

Also, the Docs/Beats on the wiki are writable to all Fedora Account
holders, right? Could setting the flag in Bugzilla automagically add
that note the wiki if the flag requester has a Fedora account/is in the

Just some random thoughts here; my two cents...
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