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Re: Missing P-ATA CDROM support in Fedora 7 Test 2 ?

Matthias Saou a écrit :
John Reiser wrote :

I just tried to install Fedora 7 with "cdrom" as packages support, but
no drives seems to be detected. I use a P-ATA drive on a Nforce4-4x
powered motherboard (Asus K8N4-E Deluxe) and didn't found any suitable
driver in the list (maybe I missed it ?).
On my machine it is called  pata_amd , which is <sarcasm> wonderfully
consistent </sarcasm> with with the Serial ATA driver  sata_nv
for the same chip, which is detected and loaded automatically.

Same here. I got somewhat confused when the installer prompted me to
try a driver or use a driver disk... at first I thought it was my SATA
(sata_nv here too) which wasn't recognized, but then I found out that I
needed to select the pata_amd module, because it was the DVD which
wasn't being found.

Does anyone know if this bug has already been filed?


Thanks for your answers, I 'll try with that pata_amd driver.


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