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Re: Translations: String freezes, CVS converging, Packaging

On Wed, 2007-03-07 at 11:06 -0500, Jeremy Katz wrote:

> String Freeze Policy.  As of the string freeze date, translatable
> strings should not change to help ensure high quality translations for
> the Fedora 7 release.  If you have a case where you need to change a
> string after this date, please send notification to fedora-trans-list.


Over the years, I've often heard that just receiving the notification of
a string change is a miracle.  If we can institutionalize this bit, it
sounds like it will go far toward helping translators.

Once it is in our processes, we might want to look at some automation of
notification.  At the least, when the CVS commit is made, we could add a
*l10n* keyword (cf. *docs*) that sends the commit log to
fedora-trans-list.  If a string needs to be changed, then the change and
notification of the L10n team happens in one move.

> Alternately, we could make it a "get approval from the release team and
> then send notification", but I'm not sure if we want to go to that level
> for the first time through.  Another important part is that if
> translators notice string changes after the string freeze, mail should
> be sent to the maintainer of the package and probably fedora-devel-list
> as well make sure they realize the problem.  


> > To do this we need to try not to add new strings after the freeze and let the
> > L10n folks know if they need to do so. Also, maintainers should repackage before
> > each release (and after the translation freeze) without a bug needing to be
> > opened.
> Yep

Can we look into automating this in some fashion?  Not for F7, but for
releases following?  Or is that not necessary?

> > ## CVS convergence
> > 
> > Right now translations are done on `i18n.redhat.com`. This requires contributors
> > to have one account on the Fedora Account System (FAS) and a different
> > one for translations. With the merge of Core and Extras, now is a good
> > point to get rid of this distinction.
> > 
> > The plan is to move all PO files on Fedora infrastructure under a new
> > CVS group (cvsl10n) [3]. An email will be sent to all translators to create a
> > FAS account if they don't have one and join the cvs group. Members of the L10n
> > team and ambassadors will help with this process.
> > 
> >   [3]: http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/L10N/Projects/CVSInfrastructure
> Does this also include moving the actual source that's hosted on
> elvis/i18n?  If not, then I have very strong concerns...  separating the
> source code from the translations has a lot of downsides as it requires
> a manual sync between the two.  And these never work well :(

Sorry for my ignorance, but which source?  The PO files?  Or something

The goal here is to stop using elvis.rh.c for the Fedora Translation
project.  If Red Hat's l10n team needs elvis for their work, then they
need to work out how to sync back from cvs.fedoraproject.org.

To state it more clearly, we are trying to move the PO files to the
source code (in cvs.fedoraproject.org).  Your comment makes it sound
like the PO is already with the source?

thx - Karsten
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