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Re: Translations: String freezes, CVS converging, Packaging

On Wed, 2007-03-07 at 13:02 -0500, Jeremy Katz wrote:
> On Wed, 2007-03-07 at 08:58 -0800, Karsten Wade wrote:

> > The goal here is to stop using elvis.rh.c for the Fedora Translation
> > project.  If Red Hat's l10n team needs elvis for their work, then they
> > need to work out how to sync back from cvs.fedoraproject.org.
> If we stop using elvis for Fedora Translations, then how are we
> intending to actually provide the translations to the sources on elvis?
> > To state it more clearly, we are trying to move the PO files to the
> > source code (in cvs.fedoraproject.org).  Your comment makes it sound
> > like the PO is already with the source?
> It *IS* for the majority of stuff on elvis

OK, I finally get this now.  Long discussion on #fedora-admin helped,

Therefore, I think we are adding to the proposal the moving of all
software projects off elvis.  There has been endless talk about this
for ... uh, 36 months?  Is there a reason we cannot do this now?

- Karsten
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