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Re: pup: boon or curse? quicker updates or slower updates?

On Fri, 2007-03-09 at 15:42 +0200, Francois Aucamp wrote:

> > I am basically an end-use when it comes to Yum and/or Pirut, but I
> > know Python and do some programming and would like to help out
> > regarding this if required.
> > 
> Me too. Is there some (clear) way that the community can get more
> involved in Pirut/yum's development (outside of only writing yum
> plugins)? 

there is a yum-devel list:

and to be clear, giant emails explaining what we should be working on
aren't really all that helpful, we have more than enough of those. If
you want to work on pieces of yum then the code is there, work on it and
send patches. That's how everyone else has gotten involved. But don't
work on the version in FC6 - make sure you're working on the latest cvs.


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