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Re: When to expect support for 3945 Wireless in Rawhide

John W. Linville wrote:
On Sat, Mar 10, 2007 at 08:56:24AM -0500, Paul Michael Reilly wrote:
I've seen snippets discussing ipw3945 (sp?) wireless support in an upcoming kernel which I thought to be the kernels supplied on Rawhide yum updates but I do not see any trace of 3945 support in /var/log/messages. So the question is: if my laptop has the 3945 chip and it is not seen by the most recent Rawhide kernels is that a bug? If not, at what point will Rawhide have a kernel such that the 3945 chip should be seen?

Shortly after Intel actual posts a patch for inclusion of the iwlwifi
driver in the wireless-dev kernel tree.

For now, you may wish to try my test kernels:


I'm guessing you are the maintainer who is responsible for this piece of code in particular. If correct you have my endless appreciation for what you do. If I'm wrong then I would dearly love to hear from the maintainer.

I assume you are in contact with the development mail list for the team that will supply the patch. From what Dennis Gilmore has to say it would appear that there is a chance there is some confusion about how ipw3945 is supposed to get into Fedora 7. It would be very good if the maintainer could confirm who is waiting on what such that F7 does not ship without first class ipw3945 support.

I ran your kernel and the chip was detected on my HP nw9440 laptop so I considered that one hurdle overcome. But I forgot to download the firmware. Now why is that a separate process? How is this going to work with F7? Surely the firmware will be included in some rpm. Correct? If so can you supply both that rpm and the kernel rpm and I will perform a more realistic test.



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