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Re: Extras x86_64 rawhide rebuild in mock status 2007-03-07

On Thursday, 08 March 2007 at 04:41, Matt Domsch wrote:
> Extras Rawhide-in-Mock Build Results for x86_64 Wed Mar  7 20:35:34 CST 2007
> Full logs at http://linux.dell.com/files/fedora/FixBuildRequires/
> Total packages: 2663
> Number failed to build: 62
> Number expected to fail due to ExclusiveArch or ExcludeArch: 0
> Leaving:  62
> (there may be some duplicates if rawhide has 2 versions of a package)
> Of those expected to have worked...
> Without a bug filed: 61
> ----------------------------------
> crm114-0-0.2.20060704.fc6	rpm greysector net

Something is wrong here.

This one has both ExcludeArch and a bug filled (albeit for fc6, not devel).


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