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Re: Fedora 6 a bit more automated install

After that point installation start writing to disk. Before that
everything is happening without any change on the hdd. 

It's a good pointer for user that after that moment s/he is starting to
change his partitions. AFAIK, after this point anaconda do formatting of
the partitions. One last click won't annoy user much, but losing whole
partitions might. 

However, I think this page should point this fact more explicitly.
Stating that (if user chose to format any partitions) "After this part
your data on 'blah blah' partitions will be cleared". 

On Sun, 2007-03-11 at 02:27 +1300, Shams wrote:
> Hi,
> Once I have started installing Fedora 6 it  works out the 
> packages/dependencies and then waits
> for me to press the "Next" button before it starts the actual installtion.
> Maybe it should just go ahead and do it without waiting for
> the user to press the "Next" button.
> Is it possible to automate this already, if not then I think this will be a 
> good feature to have?
> Thanks
> Shams

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