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Re: Problem with /sbin/weak-modules

Jon Masters wrote:
Chris Jones wrote:

The suggestion is to file a bug, but I know really know enough about this component to do this, so thought I would fire off an email to this list first ?

I'm responsible for that script in Fedora, so feel free to send me email describing what exactly is going right/wrong and I'll help diagnose.

Oh, I see what's happening:

* You didn't upgrade to a newer kernel module, but expected weak-modules to make a symlink.

* weak-modules logic has broken with the change in kernel numbering.


If this is all that's at fault, it's probably a simple logic problem that I can fix tomorrow when I get a chance to look at it - but if you think I should know anything else, drop me a line.

FWIW, weak-modules will go away in a future Fedora. The plan is to replace it with a much more comprehensive online driver update tool that will do a lot more than just create symlinks - more information when I have an example to share... :-)


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