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Re: Fedora 6 a bit more automated install


Yes it is the depsolve that takes a long time, annoying really.

One way I think it could be solved is before depsolve have
a checkbox, possibly intergrated into one of the existing

"Start installing to disk automatically after solving dependecies
after 60 (editable?) seconds?

which is checked OFF by default but since I know what I am
doing I can check it on and hence in this case when the timeout
happens the user does not have to click the "Next" button and
install to disk happens automatically BUT is still able to cancel
within the timeout period. In the case depsolve fails then the
usual error handling happens.



"Gianluca Sforna" <giallu gmail com> wrote in message 
news:d5ad21470703111120s4e8d7d1ew99ad84984e0fcff3 mail gmail com   
> On 3/11/07, Baris Cicek <baris teamforce name tr> wrote:
>> After that point installation start writing to disk. Before that
>> everything is happening without any change on the hdd.
>> It's a good pointer for user that after that moment s/he is starting to
>> change his partitions. AFAIK, after this point anaconda do formatting of
>> the partitions. One last click won't annoy user much, but losing whole
>> partitions might.
> It would not annoy the user _IF_ the depsolving step was faster.
> I think this is the reason why I saw mails in the past with the same
> request: a fairly long step (depsolving) followed by another long step
> (actual installation) sounds naturally like they should be merged.
> IIRC the reason for this is that the depsolving phase could fail
> depending on the package selection and the selected repos; I still
> fail to see whay the last "Next" could not be skipped automatically
> when no such problem arise though...
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