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Re: flaky usb conn to bluetooth dongle

On Mon, 12 Mar 2007 15:31:48 -0400, Jack Tanner <ihok hotmail com> wrote:

> Is it evidence enough that sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't 
> (on the same FC6 box, with no reboots in between), and that it always 
> works on two other Windows boxes?

Close, but not there yet. It would be nice if you tried it on other
systems with Linux, because -71 is a pretty good indicator of something
broken physically. It means that low level bus tokens get lost, or
a frame corruption is detected by CRCs. But sometimes devices cause
it by becoming temporarily deaf if they process some command or other.
The workaround is to identify the conditions under which it happens
and find a way to avoid poking the device for a few milliseconds.
Again, that is only if we rule out poor signal quality on your

> Er, running a logger on Windows I can do. I snooped on the web, and 
> there are lots of Snoopies. Is this the right one? 
> http://benoit.papillault.free.fr/usbsnoop/

I don't remember the exact URL, but probably. I usually start with
that Swiss page at linux-usb.org and follow links. Most people use
something called Snoopy Pro. There's a free as in beer verision.

> The formulate the patch part is going to be difficult. I don't suppose I 
> could get away with just sending you some log files? :)

The problem is, it's time-consuming, which is why I tried to off-load
all the work on you. If I take on it, it's going to take like forever.

I think you better take it to linux-usb-devel lists sourceforge net
at this time.

-- Pete

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