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Re: perl, perl-devel, and missing config.h

seth vidal <skvidal linux duke edu> writes:

> On Fri, 2007-03-09 at 14:44 -0500, Robin Norwood wrote:
>> Robin Norwood <rnorwood redhat com> writes:
>> [...]
>> > Spot, Jesse Keating, and I have discussed the issue via email and on
>> > fedora-perl-devel-list[3] - the three of us think this solution is the
>> > right way to go, but several people on the list disagree.  So we're
>> > going to hash things out there and decide what to do.  If you want to
>> > follow the discussion, see fedora-perl-devel-list.  Otherwise, stay
>> > tuned, and we'll keep you posted.
>> An update: it looks like we'll be able to go with the perl-devel split.
>> I've just built perl-5.8.8-15, which continues the work to split
>> perl/perl-devel.  Right now 'perl' requires 'perl-devel', but we hope to
>> fix that soon.
> I added a patch to the bug you opened. Anyone who can check it, please
> do so. I think it's the right path toward being fixed.

Thanks, Seth!

The patch works fine for me, as we discussed - here's the bug, for those
playing at home:



Robin Norwood
Red Hat, Inc.

"The Sage does nothing, yet nothing remains undone."
-Lao Tzu, Te Tao Ching

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