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Re: Fedora scheduling made easy

Bill Nottingham said the following on 03/13/2007 10:43 AM Pacific Time:
The benefits of having the Fedora schedules in a project planning tool is that it is easier to manage unforeseen delays, plan alternate scenarios, and have a clearer sense of how we are doing at a particular point in time towards meeting the published schedule on time.

How does this do this in the absence of information? The majority of features
haven't had any updates since they've been initially entered. (I know I'm
pretty guilty in this regard). I don't see how a project tool by itself
can solve this - it's still garbage in/garbage out.


You make a good point :) I believe it is a combination of a project tool with detailed tasks and milestones AND a person that chases them all down and follows them to completion. A project manager eliminates the "garbage in garbage out" problem by evaluating the data going in and out and taking action when necessary to coordinate resolution.
I am willing to be that person.


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