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Re: Problem with /sbin/weak-modules


> Oh, I see what's happening:
> * You didn't upgrade to a newer kernel module, but expected weak-modules
> to make a symlink.
> * weak-modules logic has broken with the change in kernel numbering.
> Correct?

Not sure what you mean by that first bullet point, but the second seems 
correct from my experience.

The core problem seems to be when /sbin/weak-modules was used in the creation 
of a kmod package for kernel XXX.6.5, it was for some reason creating in the 
rpm symlinks to files for kernel XXX.6.4. Presumably on the build machine 
this was not noticed, as both kernels and kmod packages existed so the sym 
link was valid, but on my machine it was not so I noticed.

> If this is all that's at fault, it's probably a simple logic problem
> that I can fix tomorrow when I get a chance to look at it - but if you
> think I should know anything else, drop me a line.

No, that seems about it. I took a look at the script and concluded it was 
probably just some logic going wrong, but I had no how to fix it.

cheers Chris

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