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Re: User directories integration - request for help

Le Jeu 15 mars 2007 22:19, Matthias Clasen a écrit :
>> You need to expose an invariant namespace in addition to the user-chosen
>> one (with hard/sym links one way or the other)
>> Every app, script or process that does not run for a single user within
>> his session will have trouble with user-specific namespaces. (yes every
>> user on a single system won't use the same layout)

> What do you mean ? These directories are in no way special or different
> from any other directory you may create in your home directory.

They're different because their content is semi defined (as opposed to the
usual homedir mess) so other apps/scrips than yours will want to play with

> The only
> difference is that we create them at login time, and that we make
> desktop apps know about them.

Others have already answered, but while the renaming dance is fine for GUI
tools apps would really like to use stable FS objects (stable as in "user
& locale-independant")

Could you add please add a dot dir containing (hard|sym) links pointing to
whatever renamed directories the user configured at the moment ?

Nicolas Mailhot

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