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Re: User directories integration - request for help

Le samedi 17 mars 2007 à 15:55 +0100, David Nielsen a écrit :

> Okay, let me inject, as a user of a i18n enabled desktop, my honest
> opinion. I hate every English folder name imposed on me, I'd love for
> everything to be neat and if possible dynamic not to mention translated.
> I consider it a bug in an application when it hardcodes an English
> folder name just to be sure it knows where to put stuff (Like f-spot
> does).
> I'm not convinced this solution is the best one but it's at least
> taking, for once, into consideration the fact that there are a shitload
> of people who don't speak English or do but prefer to use their native
> language on their desktop.

There is one thing worse than not taking i18n in consideration that's
botching your i18n implementation. I for one am deeply attached to i18n
due to my personal background. And I'd rather wait a few weeks/months
for a proper solution that have a semi-broken hack that will be set in
stone as soon as a release goes out with it.

I don't want a windows-like i18n where my filesystem is polluted with
several translations of the same directories because someone made a
hasty partial implementation.

I don't want the usual experimental Desktop great leap forward followed
by years of trying to convince developers that making 70% of users happy
and 30% mad is not a success, it's a damn failure.

For once I'd like people try to get it right from the start on, not
pretend it's an experiment that will be corrected later. The Desktop
team does no have a good track record admitting its mistakes, especially
once it managed to shove them through people's throats.

Now some will say the signal-to-noise ratio on fedora-devel is poor, and
hiding on confidential mailing-lists or IRC channels is better. Well if
you don't have the time to explain and convince don't pretend
participating in a community process.

Nicolas Mailhot

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