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Re: too many deamons by default - F7 test 2 live cd

On Mon, 2007-03-19 at 16:48 +0530, Rahul Sundaram wrote:
> Ralf Corsepius wrote:
> > On Mon, 2007-03-19 at 16:18 +0530, Rahul Sundaram wrote:
> >> Florian La Roche wrote:
> >>> On Mon, Mar 19, 2007 at 04:01:39PM +0530, Rahul Sundaram wrote:
> >>>> Nicolas Mailhot wrote:
> >>>>> Le Lun 19 mars 2007 10:51, Rahul Sundaram a écrit :
> >>>>>
> >>>>>> Extra - cpuspeed. mdmonitor, netfs, ntpd, portmap. Can't see a reason to
> >>>>>> enable these by default.
> >>>>> cpuspeed, mdmonitor and ntpd are no more extra than NetworkManager
> >>>> Yes, They are. For a desktop. A Live CD is targeted at the desktop. 
> >>>> Nothing else.
> >>>
> >>> We should really target a Live-DVD instead of a Live-CD.
> >> DVD drives are way too costly in many regions. We still need a Live CD.
> > 
> > Pardon, but I would not recommend Fedora to anybody who doesn't have
> > broadband access. Those who have broadband access also very likely have
> > a DVD drive
> Can you specify the factors for your recommendation?
Let me put it this way: I live in a region German Telekom so far has not
been able to provide reasonable DSL bandwidth. All that is available is
ISDN (64kb/s) or "DSL Lite" (350kb/s). 

Now compare these bandwidths with the update rates Fedora Core updates
impose (Feel free to only consider the very essential packages, such as
gcc, the kernel, openoffice, X11, firefox, ...).

Also consider the poor synchronicity/unreliability of the Fedora mirrors
and yum's missing ability to abort properly (Yum iterating over all
mirrors on broadband is a matter of minutes, the same on ISDN or modem
is simply embarrassing)

>From my experience (I've used Fedora with both ISDN and with DSL Lite),
Fedora with ISDN or modem is plain unusable, with "DSL Lite", the
situation is "bearable", but isn't fun (an openoffice update takes a

I.e. I'd claim Fedora to require a
minimum bandwidth: ~300kb/s
recommended bandwidth >= 1000kb/s

>  Live CD's can be 
> installed to a hard disk and works out of the box.
I know, Live CD/DVS's primary purpose is to provide "a sneak-preview".

>  That doesnt require 
> any broadband connection. Broad connection does not automatically 
> translate into systems with DVD. Many work places have restrictions on 
> removable disk access (No CD/DVD drivers, USB ports locked etc).
Such work places typically have a sysadmin.

Live CD users normally are "SISO"/home-users.

> > Also: Do you know how Ubuntu and Knoppix are being shipped in Germany.
> > As free add-ons to magazines
> Fedora is included in magazines all over the world too.
Then I must ask myself, why I own several Knoppix and Ubuntu DVDs, but
not a single Fedora DVD?

>  Does not change 
> the fact that Live CD are still very much a good thing for several end 
> users and for promotional events.
Exactly. Live CDs are promo/marketing-material, i.e. either directly
going to waste-bin or being launched very few times and then replaced
with the "real stuff", soon.


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