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Re: too many deamons by default - F7 test 2 live cd

On Mon, 2007-03-19 at 15:21 +0530, Rahul Sundaram wrote:
> Been fiddling with a installation of Fedora 7 Test 2 from the Live CD 
> and it still enables way too may daemons by default. The following 
> deserve special mention.
> Hardware specific - Bluetooth (along with hidd), 

Should be started if we have bluetooth hardware available, see
https://bugzilla.redhat.com/bugzilla/show_bug.cgi?id=222315.  Not
installing/starting it in the current situation would mean that you
don't have a working keyboard/mouse if you use bluetooth.  Which sucks

> cups 

Didn't we have a long thread about cups on demand vs not?  

> Definitely superfluous - firstboot, livecd. Should disable after first 
> run completely or even remove the packages.

Removing packages because something has been run is an absolutely
horrendous idea.  Disabling may be reasonable, but at the same time, the
amount of time taken for them to run and exit is going to be negligible
at best.

> Extra - cpuspeed. 

Most cpus support frequency scaling and it's pretty important for power

> mdmonitor, 

If you have RAID, this is important to have.  It could be made to exit a
lot faster, though, by checking for the existence of mdadm.conf before
sourcing /etc/init.d/functions.

> netfs, 

Required if you have any non local filesystems being mounted.

> ntpd, 

Gets enabled when you select that you want to sync your time by default.
Otherwise, it stays off.  See the header at the top of the initscript.

> portmap. 

Not enabling this means that trying to do an NFS mount hangs

> Default? - Possibly NetworkManagerDispatcher since 
> NetworkManager is enabled by default

Arguably, NetworkManagerDispatcher shouldn't exist as a separate
initscript, but that's a different flamewar for a different day :-)

> Exim should probably replaced with something like esmtp or ssmtp in the 
> live cd. Folks wanting to install a full blown MTA can install sendmail, 
> postfix or email on their own.

Actually, we should use the same default here that we do elsewhere,
which would be sendmail.  Moving to the use of a kickstart config to
define the live CD and using the default package groups will help a lot


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