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Re: [RFC] Filesystem-local databases in mlocate

Tomas Janousek napsal(a):
> If I understood it correctly, every locate search would read the files on the
> remote volumes, right?

> The performance will suffer a bit I think. For example,
> NFS over 11mbit wifi is fine, but waiting tens of seconds for the database to
> download isn't good.
Good point.  It's still an improvement over no mlocate database, though.

> Probably a global locate cache db that merges all the
> fs-local ones would be nice.
This might inflate the local storage requirements a lot, though.  In the
most efficient case (system-global cache that is updated on each access)
it also expands the part of locate that must run with elevated privileges.

Given that this mlocate feature certainly won't be ready in time for
FC7, we have enough time to experiment with caching after some practical
experience is collected.

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