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Re: SSH on by default? (Was: too many deamons by default - F7 test 2 live cd)

Nicolas Mailhot wrote:

Disabling ssh is not a good solution, many people need it. However the
default fedora ssh setup is woefully insecure

At least ssh rate-limiting should be in the default firewall install.
Pam_abl would be even better (for other network services)

Blacklisting opens the potential for denial-of-service attacks. I'm not too familiar with the pam_abl implementation, but we should at least be very cautious if we choose to include and enable such features by default.

Same thing goes for rate-limiting.

I'm not saying that either of these are *bad*. I'm saying that for default setups, we need to be very cautious with these things.

A more direct, less intrusive (for some/most) approach would perhaps be to disallow root logins by default?!?


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