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Re: OCFS2 and tools in FC.

On Tue, 2007-03-20 at 17:09 +0900, Naoki wrote:
OCFS2 made it into the mainstream kernel a while ago. But while Debian
and SUSE ship OCFS2 tools, FC does not.

Is this simply a case of nobody submitting them, or is there a license
issue (nah, it's GPL) ?

perhaps you need somebody with a bit of knowledge about and willing to
support that file system?
I can't see that as being an issue. On the most basic level it is as any other file system, you format and mount. Other than that support would be on the ocfs or fedora mailing lists as usual.

If the answer is the former then is there time to add them before FC7 ?

Nope, today is feature freeze.

Which ends on the 29th. That raises a question though, as it would be essentially the same as adding something to 'extras', we're not talking about a major (or minor) feature change or an API alteration. Just adding some open tools for an already existing feature.

If this was the FC6 cycle it could probably just slip into extras unnoticed, so how would it work under the merge? Add it to the extras wish list or just submit it?

It's the only main line clustered file system and I'd like to run it
through the gauntlet with my favourite OS.

Not true, GFS2 is in the kernel as well:


Its tools are included in Fedora.
I stand corrected! It "was" the only one in the kernel. But I'd still not rather use GFS and have been waiting for OCFS2 tools to appear in FC for over a year. Yes I know one can download the tools from the oracle site but when we ship tools for most (all?) other file systems (e2fsprogs & ntfsprogs as expected, xfsprogs, hfsplus-tools, plus fuse and other randomness) it hardly seems logical to just leave it out.

If it isn't already I would expect standard policy would be to ship the utilities package for any standard, enabled, file system ?

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