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fedora-maintainers vs fedora-devel


since it comes up every now and then, I'd like to get the differences
clarified, especially since there are ideas to get them united, which
if the contents and target groups are too different would be wrong.

The way I see it it is like the following:

o fedora-devel
  - concentrates on rawhide and its way to a release
  - has in-house upstream development discussion
  - more in-depth Linux mechanics
  - manages release cycle

o fedora-maintainers
  - concentrates on the packaging community as a whole
  - More issues about packaging than on upstream development, if any
  - cares more about current and past releases

There is some (IMHO) healthy overlap, but I do think that they differ
enough to keep them separated to have each group enjoy a better SNR
Axel.Thimm at ATrpms.net

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