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Google Summer of Code project


Someone of you already know me.

I'm a developer of the GNU Classpath project and for the current edition
of the Summer of Code I'm trying to promote a project that will
create an implementation of javax.sound (the Sound API)backed up by the
GStreamer framework.

The benefits are obvious: provide a Gnome/Gstreamer Desktop sound
integration for Java.

Here is a summary of my project:


I'm going to submit this as part of the GCC/GCJ and GNOME/GStreamer
organizations, as well as Fedora, because Fedora is currently the main
Free Java platform and most Fedora developers are involved in Classpath.

I'm searching for a mentor that can follow me in this adventure as well
as ideas (and suggestions) for this task.

Thank you in advance for your feedback!
Lima Software - http://www.limasoftware.net/
GNU Classpath Developer - http://www.classpath.org/
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Please, support open standards:

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