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Re: Experimental KDE 3.80.3 specfiles

On 3/23/07, Kevin Kofler wrote:
So why does this work and the 3.80.3 doesn't/didn't? Is that a fix which went
into KDE SVN between then and now? Or are you doing something special to make
it work?

I don't know in details I didnt have time to have a look at the codes.
And since your patch was failing, ive just removed it during the

> kdesktop&

Why does kdesktop have to be launched explicitly? startkde is supposed to run
all that's needed already. Is that yet another bug? By the way, kdesktop is
being replaced with the new krunner/Plasma infrastructure.

The wallpaper willnot be accessible.
I should dig into it later on to enable plasma.

Kevin if you are working on updated specs, I'm ready to host them and
their srpms.


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