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Re: The need to re-detect usb-storage devices (on resume and on-the-fly plugging)

On Fri, 2007-03-23 at 13:35 -0400, Michel Salim wrote:
> I use an external hard drive with my laptop, that is detected and
> mounted fine (unless HAL and selinux-policy are out of sync) if
> plugged in at boot time. If I plug the drive after boot, or after
> resuming, the device node is created properly, but
> gnome-volume-manager does not register the device and has to be
> mounted manually.

That's a bug. It works for me.

> Does gnome-volume-manager currently make a distinction between
> internal and removable devices? 

Yes, we track two attributes 'removable' (you can remove media from the
drive) and 'hotpluggable' (you can attach/detach the drive). The latter
is using a heuristic; only pccard, firewire, usb is marked as these

> It would make sense to assume USB
> devices are removable -- sometimes I'd forget to manually unmount a
> drive before suspending, and in an ideal world this should happen
> automatically (not sure which subsystem's task it is to do so).

Not necessarily; you should see no changes when resuming unless you of
course removed the drive. This works for me FWIW.

>  Right
> now, the laptop would resume with the device node still there (e.g.
> sdb, sdb1), and the device still "mounted" but not accessible, and a
> new device node is created (sdc, sdc1).

That sounds like another bug; it works for me fwiw. Are you using the
standard pm-utils utils to suspend/resume? Just asking because some 3rd
party tools does stupid stuff (like unloading modules, unmount drives)
in their hooks. Include this information in your bug reports.

> Which Bugzilla component should this be filed under?

Start with g-v-m for both bugs and we can reassign as appropriate.
Please paste the bug numbers here too. Thanks.


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