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Re: Possibility of F7-Test3-KDE?

Am Mon, 26 Mar 2007 10:04:25 -0400
schrieb Jeremy Katz <katzj redhat com>:

> On Sat, 2007-03-24 at 03:24 +0100, Sebastian Vahl wrote:
> > I just want to ask how do you think about this question: Will it be
> > anyhow possible to create an _official_ version of a kde livecd for
> > test3? If Max's proposal [1] should come true (and assuming that
> > nobody else is working on this that I am not aware of) we really
> > _need_ at least two test versions.
> Definitely seems like the reasonable thing to do and a practical thing
> as well.  For the final, we[1] should probably have a discussion on
> how to have the spin done and hosted but for the purposes of getting
> test3 out in a reasonable timeframe, I'll go ahead and add doing the
> KDE spin to the list of things that I'm doing today.
> Jeremy
> [1] The release team in general + probably you and Rex from the KDE
> side of things.

Ok. I've attached my last version.


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