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Re: Presto logging

Tony Nelson wrote:
At 9:11 PM +0200 3/26/07, Thomas M Steenholdt wrote:
Tony Nelson wrote:
At 11:26 AM +0300 3/26/07, Jonathan Dieter wrote:
Also, our test server is syncing updates and extras every six hours.
Does anyone know if there's a way for the fedoraproject servers to push
updates rather than our polling?
I don't think so, but you could poll just the repomd.xml metadata file
pretty quickly.  If it is updated, then the repo is probably worth syncing
with.  You might also check if the filelists.gz is updated as well.
Problem with this is, that unless special care is taken to do it this
way, we can't rely on the repository metadata to be updated last.

True, but that's already broken for everybody, so this would be no
different.  Once the metadata updates, either the other files are there or
just about everything doesn't work.

It would be a really good idea to fix this, by splitting up the rsync into
two lines, so that the metadata is done last.  Still, even without that,
once the metadata changes one can assume that a repo update is happening.
Repomd.xml is a nice small file that is always updated.

I still think implementing this in just another file will be a better solution. Its atomic (for lack of a better term here), in that the flag can always be counted on as being valid. If the flag file is not there, a sync is in progress, if it's there, the mirror is in synced state. The flag file is generated locally so there's no potential loop hole of even tenths of a second, like there would be the other way during the time when the repomd.xml is downloaded. It will not rely on data to actually change but reports whether a sync is in progress. It provides backtracking in case of staleness, errors, package corruption, etc. It lets you know the "age" of the mirrordata and it works without splitting the actual mirroring script. And all in a 30 byte file.


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