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Re: hplip: hp-toolbox advertising?

Matthias Clasen wrote:
>>> mclasen redhat com:
>>> "We don't give free ad space to HP on our menus..."
>>> I find that to be both an interesting and hypocritical comment.
>> Bernard has a point.  Usability issues (e.g. David's comments) isn't an
>> excuse for half-hearted packaging.  If hplip is in fedora, it ought to be
>> packaged properly (.desktop menu, icons, and all).
> Blindly following packaging guidelines is not an excuse for poor
> usability. 

And I repeat "I can't agree more, but let's not set one standard for one
piece of software and not apply it evenly to others."

Are we willing to apply the same standards to each and every piece of
software in Fedora? (*)

(*) This is a semi-rhetorical question as
  a) We all know there are a at least a few "fragile" packages in Fedora
yet we understand that there is a tradeoff between "perfect" and
  b) Nobody here is looking for a Debian release cycle :)

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