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Re: hplip: hp-toolbox advertising?

Rex Dieter wrote:

The license of a software has zero effects on the usage of
a logo which maybe protected by a trademark.

Yuck, murky waters.  I figured if an icon/logo was included within GPL
sources, and the GPL allows for unrestricted modification/redistribution,
we were golden.  Note, we're not talking about modifying the *trademarked*
item in this case (which I would agree not a good idea), only
using/displaying it.

Even if a logo is included within GPL'ed source code, the trademark can still be protected by separate trademark guidelines. Even use of a trademark in any form can still be restricted.

Similar separate restrictions apply for patents in the case where the patent holder is the same entity/people involved in the development of some software although there is some implicit grant under GPLv2 and a more explicit one under GPLv3 (in the future based on the current drafts).

In case of other permissive licenses such as revised BSD or MIT X11 license you can be sued by the same people for patent infringement who gave the software under these licenses. Surprised yet?


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