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Re: VESA driver hsync config problem

Correct x.log (which is a capture of stdout and stderr and not the real log file, Xorg.0.log) was a capture of the failure mode, no HorizSync in the config file. I sent that because the GTK error message doesn't get written to Xorg.0.log. So the scenario is the server seems to be coming up just fine then the GTK error occurs and the server aborts. The way I originally figured out to add HorizSync to the config file was by debugging through the server and seeing a huge obviously invalid value for the horizontal sync. What I'm going to do is go back and figure out exactly where that value was coming from and hopefully that will shed some light on the root of the problem.

Adam Jackson wrote:
On Tue, 2007-03-27 at 14:39 -0500, Ted X Toth wrote:
I agree that GTK is crashing and bringing down the server but I don't agree that it is doing so because of the XSELinux extension. First of all I'm currently running in permissive mode because the policy for the extension is still being developed so nothing really gets 'prohibited'. And then there's the fact that all I have to do is add a HorizSync line to my xorg.conf file and sure enough the xserver/gnome/... starts and life is good (albeit that the extension generates so many of its' idea of an avc that the log eats up all of my virtual disk space).

The X log you gave earlier from running under Parallels shows it _not_
using any HorizSync line from the config file, and starting up at the
perfectly expected 800x600.

- ajax

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