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Re: SoC idea: Review Web App


On Thu, 2007-22-03 at 15:35 -0700, Toshio Kuratomi wrote:
> What are the goals of the [review] web app?  To move
> away from bugzilla?  Which features in particular are not meeting our
> needs on bugzilla and which does bugzilla do well?  What do we want to
> do with the data from reviews?  If we tie this into preapproval builds,
> do we have to do reviews of untrusted packages before submitting to mock
> or is mock sufficiently secure to do a build up front?

These are good questions.  I think in my opinion the problems with the
review process boil down to:

. review requirements spread out over multiple wiki pages
. review requirements that are changing
. workflow involves too many different websites and bugs

I'd love to see a tool that allowed people to upload an SRPM directly
and then put it somewhere accessible to others (including the reviewer).
We could automate a lot of the rpmlint and build checking as well.  Then
the requirements that we can't automate can be pulled live and presented
to the reviewer in a side-by-side web app with checkboxes and comment
fields.  Something like the Mondrian code review tool developed at
Google [1].

Sorry I didn't get back sooner as I realize this won't make this year's
SoC.  I'd still like to think about it as it'd be a great project for a
Fedora contributor.



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